Support Item Pay as you go Standard Comprehensive
Training related, pre sales and
system features  support  
✔- no charge*
System Maintenance  
MAC (Moves / Adds / Changes) ✔ - no charge*
General user support  
Local backup  
Preventive maintenance    
On site travel    
Emergency services    
Telecom provider related services    
VoIP related network troubleshooting
and configuration
Typical support response time 24 hours Same day 3 hours
Support availability 8x5x7  8x5x7 24/7

Free training is provided over remote screen sharing and limited to 3 hours/year

*  MACs - changing or adding users and help with password reset is limited to 3 user changes/month

All newly installed equipment, software and services are covered at a Comprehensive Support level for 30 days from installation or activation at no additional charge. Please note that system updates are only available to customers with current  system warranty.


Support rates

Pay as you go

Pay as you go support is available 9-5 Mon-Friday and billed at a standard rate of $195/hour.

Standard support

Basic support contract is billed annually at $4.5/user-license/month. All services not included in this plan are billed at a standard rate of $185/hour.

Comprehensive support

Complete support contract is billed annually at $6/user-license/month.


If customer declines to extend  warranty coverage after initial coverage expires, all hardware failure incidents or problems requiring system update are covered at “best effort” and may require purchasing of replacement equipment or system warranty form system manufacturer.



Training related, pre sales and system features support

This service covers answering training related, pre sales and system functionality/features related questions.

System maintenance

This service includes operating system updates, PBX software updates (for customers with active  warranty coverage only), checking log files for problems and checking available disk space.

MAC (Moves / Adds / Changes)

Changing extensions, adding or removing employees, changing voicemail and MXIE passwords, and any basic extension level changes.

Local backup

Setting up local backup and training company employee on how to perform backup procedure.

Preventive Maintenance

Automated weekly offsite backups, proactive installation of system updates (for customers with active Zultys warranty coverage only) and patches.

Emergency services

Any problem preventing users from making outbound or receiving incoming calls is considered an emergency. Emergency services cover same day support and on site technician presence if required. In addition, spare system will be deployed as needed or new virtual image configured to resolve the problem.

General user support

Support for problems related to phone system configuration, user interface, hardware phone device, Mobile,  e-fax, chat and voice mail.  Computer OS or LAN or WAN network related support is not included.

On site travel

Travel of a technician to customer site when required.

VOIP related network troubleshooting and configuration

Diagnostics and resolution of network problems affecting voice services, such as bad voice quality, dropped calls and one-way voice.

Telecom provider related services

Working with telecommunication providers to resolve problems related to outages, inaccessible phone numbers, number porting and adding phone numbers, e-911 configuration and call redirects


What is not covered

Any problems not directly related to phone system, VOIP devices, software or services connected to phone system are not covered. For example end user workstation OS or servers OS problems, network problems causes by equipment not provided by Vatacom. If such support is requested it will be billed at a standard rate of $145/hour.


Vata Communciations, Inc reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue or terminate all or any part of the support plan either in an individual case or in general, at any time without notice.