What’s new in Zultys release 13

Wildix Soltuions
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November 18, 2018
Zultys Feature Image 2
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Wildix Soltuions
Wildix new release 3.85
November 18, 2018
Zultys Feature Image 2
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What’s new in Zultys release 13

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Zultys release 13 software is available since July 18th 2017.  As usual, we were impatient to learn about new features and fixes Zultys has introduced in this release. After all it took them 8 month to release version 13.

Here is what’s new in Zultys release 13

Return Customer Routing

This feature provides two methods for callers who have previously called an ICC group to have special routing treatment applied when they call back within a specified time period.

In other words – your customers, who a called your company and are calling again within a specified time period can reach the same group agent or user they’ve been talking to when the called the first time


New fax driver

New fax driver was released , now admins don’t need to apply a registry entry work around to install it and it’s more stable in a day to day operations.


FXS 4 port and 8 port Module support on MX-SE

This one is simple – you can now plug in your analog devices – faxes, conference phones and such directly to MX-SE phone system, no need for ATA gateways.


MX Administrator reports relocated to MXreport 3.0

From release notes:

MX Administrator reports that were in the File\Report menu have been removed from the MX Administrator program starting in Release 13.
These reports are now available in MXreport greater). To access and run these reports does not require the MX system to have an MXreport license installed. These reports can now be scheduled using the Scheduler feature in the MXreport program.

Indeed a welcome change, no need to access Zultys AdminUI to run reports and you can now schedule built in reports if you want to see them every day/week/month.


MX-E Redundancy

Hardware redundancy is now supported on recently released Zultys MX-E systems. Before this release , it was only supported on Zultys MX250 systems 


Encrypted voice commutation

Zultys Zip3x phones and Polycom phones can now be configured to use voice encryption. Definitely an often requested feature.

Keep in mind, however, that your SIP Provider or ITSP should support SRTP voice ( RTP ) or you won’t be able to take advantage of this feature.


Zultys Zip3x phones now support “record” button

At last, your users can initiate call recording directly from the phone, no need to use MXIE.


Additional Text to Speech voices added to Auto Attendant configuration

Here is the list of new voices you can use when configuring Auto Attendant using TTS greeting

Australian English
Canadian English
Canadian French


Zultys release 13 security improvements:

  1. MXIE softphone is now using stronger passwords and doesn’t require additional permission in user’s profile
  2.  Zultys MX  will generate passwords for SIP authentication. No more default passwords! 
  3. Detection and blocking ( IPS ) of brute force attacks to Zultys MX provisioning service. We have seen this one, scans were made to guess mac address of configured devices to download configuration and use it later to make unauthorized calls through compromised phone system
  4. Improved Denial of Service attack detection


And , of course, there are more than 40 fixes and stability improvements.

For more information, please login to Zultys KBS system, or contact your Zultys reseller.

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