VATACOM (VATA Communications, Inc) offers an extensive line of modern VoIP, networking , security, backup, business continuity, video surveillance and access control products.

Our company is proudly owned and operated by U.S. patriots.

We are committed to our customers and operate using four business principals:

  • Simplicity - we deal with all complex technical matters , making our solutions easy to understand and use for end users and clients.
  • Service - all problems and questions are addressed promptly and thoroughly. 
  • Savings - we recommend affordable solutions that meet your requirements.
  • Ethical Business Practices - we build a long term business relationship , based on trust and understanding.


That commitment means competitive rates on the most innovative flexible platforms available. Vatacom has world class end to end innovative solutions to satisfy your complex business needs, handling anything from large multi-site managed roll-outs down to small single site deployments.


Our History

  • 1999

    Vatacom Incorporated and installed the first IP Phone system in the Mid-West (a 3Com NBX100)
  • 2009

    3Com acquired by HP. Vatacom becomes a re-seller of SIP based Zultys phone systems and products.
  • 2011

    Vatacom merges with CITAS IT management company and starts offering network troubleshooting and design services
  • 2013

    Vatacom becomes a re-seller of Transition Networks industrial hardened networking products, offering affordable high quality networking solution to customers.
  • 2014

    Vatacom starts re-selling Fortinet products , extending product line to include security and routing solutions. In addition, Vatacom extends services to cover Wi-Fi networking and point to point bridging using Ubiquity products.
  • 2016

    Answering to a market demand for a high quality affordable phone system, Vatacom also becomes a Gold Partner of Wildix, Inc.
  • 2017

    Vatacom adds Isonas building access control solutions, completing full line of building security products (Security Systems, Alarm Systems and Camera Systems)
  • 2018

    Vatacom picks up Datto line of Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Internet backup and Ransomware threat protection products


  • Kris Bauerschmidt
    Biomerics, Inc. has enjoyed a true partnership with Vatacom. In 2016, we engaged with Vatacom early on in a very complex company move. As part of that move Vatacom successfully planned and deployed all of our IT needs including; Phone system, Security, Cameras, AV, Cabling, Switching, Wireless, Sound Masking, Paging and our business internet and lines. After reviewing vendors bids we chose Vatacom based on price, services offered and their ability to be a single provider. Vatacom has remained consistent on their fast responsive and friendly service and always staying on top of our needs.
    Kris Bauerschmidt
    Director Admin Affairs | Biomerics | 06/2017,
  •  Marya Lydeen MBA, CMPE
    You weren’t lying when you sold us this system. It really is great. We love MXIE and don’t know what we ever did without it. Here is the approval for the upgrade. Thanks!!
    Marya Lydeen MBA, CMPE
    Clinic administrator | The Ear Nose and Throat Clinic & Hearing Center,
  • Jessica Birken, MNM, Esq.
    Our experience working with Layne and the technical staff at Vatacom was fantastic. They are incredibly responsive and the system we purchased was an investment but has really almost already paid for itself. It can serve up to 50 users and works really well. The one time we had trouble their technical team dealt with it rapidly and professionally so I’m super satisfied. We use it in the office, on our laptops at our home offices with headsets and from our cell phones with the app system. At the time we considered several options and this was the best choice hands down. I’m sure Layne would be able to meet with you, check out your offices and explain the tech in plain english. I can’t say enough good things about the system and the staff at Vatacom.
    Jessica Birken, MNM, Esq.
    Attorney & Advisor for Nonprofits | Urban Law Group
  •  Kelly Cummins
    As far as the installation went, I couldn’t be more happy with the level of professionalism and service that your team, Anton, Maria, and Kevin, provided. The installation was a success and I was very pleased with the flexibility of Vatacom had to meet our needs.
    Kelly Cummins
    Chief Information Officer | Quick Attach Attachments,
  • Tom Walsh
    The new system is working great. We’re still getting used to it and spotting minor issues, but all in all it’s great!
    Tom Walsh
    Volunteer Lawyers Network MN | 09/2016,
  • Jesse Houser
    We love the flexibity of the system. The all-inclusive voice/chat/web conference solution is a great fit for our growing business. Even when our staff are in the office, working from home (using a soft phone) or traveling (Zultys's app for iPhone) everyone stays connected and working.
    Jesse Houser
    GeoDigital Solutions, Manager
  • Carly Scatzo
    Vatacom helped us out when a different provider in town missed our cut-over date. Vatacom promptly provided us with their demo Zultys system and some temporary phones to get us up and running the morning after we told them we were without service. I would recommend Vatacom and Zultys to any business.
    Carly Scatzo
    Waypoint Insurance, Office Manager
  • Larry Zweigbaum
    I must tell you guys since we installed the system we have received many compliments from both customers and vendors about how clear we sound both with the handset and on the speaker phone. It s really an excellent system. Still learning, thanks Larry
    Larry Zweigbaum
    Aliance Steel Service Co