VOIP Business Phone Systems

Cloud, Hosted , Premise , N+1 Redundancy and Geographical Redundancy

Vatacom offers business phone systems and unified communications solutions from multiple major vendors. Every phone system we offer was selected to match a unique set of requirements. That is why we can match the exact needs of our clients, from startups to call centers.

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For established businesses looking to upgrade to a safe, secure long term compliant unified communications solution.

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Zultys VoIP business phone systems are both cloud and premise based. These enterprise class IP phone systems are all-in-one and no additional servers or hardware are needed. Zultys business phone systems deliver a compelling set of features for a business that requires more than just a dial tone:

  • Enterprise grade hardware systems or virtual. VMWare and Hyper-V images availble
  • N+1 redundancy and cross-site fail over
  • No VPN required for remote sites
  • Best in industry reporting tool, both flexible and powerful
  • Complete archiving solution for call recording, voice mails, faxes and instant messaging.
  • LDAP authentication and Microsoft Exchange integration
  • Outlook Integration
  • Zultys Flex Communicator allows to integrate with wide variety of CRMs
  • Escalations for voice mail notifications
  • Concurrent licensing


Zero down payment and low entry cost makes Wildix an ideal phone system for startups and small businesses

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Wildix VoIP business phone systems are the first to take Web-RTC to a new level. Now your business is not required to put phones on every desk. Any computer, tablet, or cell phone can be used to make and receive calls without sacrificing voice quality. If your computer has a web browser, then you are all set.

  • Full VoIP System including the only browser-based WebRTC Phone for audio and video calls
  • TLS Encryption of voice and data traffic
  • Purely browser-based Chat, Audio, Video, Desktop Sharing Collaboration
  • Fax to and from Desktop
  • iPhone and Android Mobile Apps with push notifications
  • Login integration with Google and Office365 accounts
  • Two factor authentication
  • Clientless WebRTC Video Conference using web cameras and tablet/cell phone cameras
  • Your customers can chat or call you right from your web site
  • Android based Vision phone