Contact Support

Vatacom support department hours are from 8:30am to 5PM Monday to Friday .

Support is available 24/7 for "system down" emergencies.

Contact support by phone: 952-826-8989

Or, to open a support ticket, send an email to



Remote Support

To access Vatacom's remote support service , please click here


Contacting support tips

  1. Please provide your phone system brand.
  2. Provide company name. If your company has changed name in last 3 years, please provide an old name and new name
  3. Include contact information so support can call you back
  4. If problem is related to dropped calls or calls that fail to connect, please provide call examples including: Date and time of the call , extension and/or phone number of the person who made a call and phone number called. Please note, that call examples older than 24 hours might not be used for troubleshooting.
  5. Please reply to our support emails in a timely manner.
  6. If you know personal emails or phone numbers of VATACOM's support or management staff, please don't use them to request support. Always send support requests to or call 952-826-8989.