Vatacom's Fast-Line Service

Your new cloud phone system professionally deployed in 24 hours

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Wildix Phone  System Is "Work From Home" Ready.

Emergency deployment is available - start making and receiving phone calls from anywhere in less than 4 hours. Use your computer or mobile app.


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Work from Anywhere

All you need is a USB headset or a cell phone. You can make and receive calls using a web browser or a mobile app. No need to purchase desk phone, all functionality is available thru web interface.

No Learning Curve

We will configure your phone system according to your needs. No more guessing or experimenting with configuration, we know how to configure a phone system so you don't need to. All within 24 hours.


Plans starting from $19.95/month with unlimited domestic calling.

Desk Phones

Still need a desk phone or even a side cart for your receptionist? We offer a variety of phone models, headsets and related hardware.

Number Porting

We will help you to forward your phone numbers to a set of temporary numbers we provide free of charge. Then we start the porting process to move your phone numbers to our service.


We will provide remote training sessions, training videos and documentation.

How it works