FortiGate enterprise firewalls offer flexible deployments from the network edge to the core, data center, internal segment, and the Cloud. FortiGate enterprise firewalls leverages purpose-built security processors (SPUs) that delivers scalable performance of advanced security services like Threat Protection, SSL inspection, and ultra-low latency for protecting internal segments and mission critical environments.

FortiGate NGFW provides automated visibility into cloud applications, IoT devices and automatically discovers end to end topology view of the enterprise network. FortiGate is a core part of security fabric and validated security protect the enterprise network from known and unknown attacks. 

Fortinet Advantage


The Wave 2 WiFi Technology 

Initial 802.11ac Wave 1 SU-MIMO (Single-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology allows an
earlier-generation AP, such as the UniFi AC Pro AP, to communicate with only one client at a time.

802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology allows a Wave 2 AP, such as the UniFi HD AP, to communicate with multiple clients at the same time – significantly increasing multi-user throughput and overall user experience.

The following describes a 5-client scenario:

MU-MIMO Assuming the same conditions, a Wave 2 AP provides up to 75% improvement1
overall over a Wave 1 AP. This improvement increases wireless performance and/or serves more clients at the same performance level.
4x4 Spatial Streams At any single time, a Wave 2 AP can communicate with the following MU-MIMO clients:
• four 1x1 clients
• two 2x2 clients
• one 2x2 client and two 1x1 clients
• one 3x3 client and one 1x1 client

A 4x4 Wave 2 AP delivers up to 33% greater performance than a Wave 1 AP that is 3x3 in both radio bands. Real-World Performance The UniFi HD AP is the first UniFi 802.11ac Wave 2 AP. Combining the performance increases from MU-MIMO technology and the use of 4x4 spatial streams, the UniFi HD AP delivers up to 125% greater performance than a typical Wave 1 AP.

Client Compatibility For optimal performance, use MU‑MIMO clients. SU‑MIMO clients will also benefit and gain up to 10-20% greater performance when used with
the UniFi HD AP.

PoE Hardened & Commercial Switches

PoE, PoE+ and PoE++ Switches

PoE switches are useful for integrating campus security into corporate networks in both enterprise and industrial environments. By deploying a PoE switch, power can be provided to IP cameras monitoring the parking lot of a building, as well as to the access control system at the entrance of the building, to intelligent lighting guiding employees and guests to specific areas of the building, and to VoIP phones at the desktops.

With PoE technology, the remote IP products are powered through the copper cable (typically Cat5 or better) that also transmits data. At the network core, a PoE, PoE+ or PoE++ switch can be installed to provide power and data to the IP devices on each port. Transition Networks offers a full range of network switches from 4 to 24 ports with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE/PoE+/PoE++) and also hardened temperature grade options.

Transition Networks offers Smart Managed PoE+ and PoE++ Switches that allow installers and network administrators to gain significant cost reduction, added capability, tools and benefits for their network. These Smart Managed PoE+/PoE++ Switches feature Device Management System (DMS) software, which provides the advanced tools necessary for advanced management of IP based network elements. Transition Networks’ unique set of value-added features and capabilities lower overall cost, reduce downtime, and provide easier management and maintenance of the entire PoE network.