What’s new in Zultys release 14

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November 18, 2018
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What’s new in Zultys release 13
November 18, 2018
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What’s new in Zultys release 14

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New Features in Zultys MX Release 14

MX Remote Phonebook

This feature allows the remote phonebook directory on ZIP 3 and ZIP 4 phones to be automatically populated and updated from the information entered in the MX Administrator program. This information includes user names, extensions, and speed dial information.

Trunk Call Recording

This feature provides a method to enable automatic call recording on a specific trunk interface. This allows the system to be configured so that only specific trunk interfaces are subject to call recording.

USB to 3.5mm Audio Support

This feature allows the MX-SE and MX-E systems to utilize a 3.5mm to USB
audio adaptor as a Music on Hold source as well as a paging output source

MXnetwork support over Public IP Addresses

This feature provides a mechanism for MX systems configured in an MXnetwork to utilize Public IP addresses for MXnetwork communications. This can eliminate the need for a Virtual Private Network as long as networking requirements are met.

Network Security Enhancements

The first enhancement is a source based ‘Service Protection’ firewall function. This allows system administrators to configure which MX network services are accessible based on the source address of network traffic received at the MX system.

The second enhancement is a Whitelist / Blacklist / Banned List function that allows for explicitly whitelisting known good networks, blacklisting bad networks and via advanced real-time analysis automatically banning addresses from which hacking attempts are detected.

Web Based Superview

Superview Integrated Contact Center (ICC) group real time statistics can now be accessed via a web browser. Zultys’ Superview is an addition to the existing Group Statistics, Agent Statistics, Agent Monitor, Callback Monitor and Queue Monitor windows available to the contact center supervisors. With Superview it is possible to monitor important real-time statistics for multiple groups at the same time in a single window from any web browser.

Automatic Callback from Queue reports

This feature provides the capability to now report on statistics of the Automatic
Callback (ACB) from Queue feature. This enhancement also requires that
MXreport version greater) be utilized to obtain the information from
the MX system


Service Level and Statistics reset for ICC groups

This feature provides a method to set the time the ICC statistics are reset. The Service Level of the group can also be configured here. This service level is utilized by the Web Based SuperView program to provide the group service level.

Backup Enhancements

A new field has been added to the Backup menu. This item is labeled Extended Configuration. This item contains the parameters of groups (profiles) for supervisors in the Web Based Superview.


Externally Managed Dial Plans

This feature provides a method to utilize an externally managed dial plan that the MX can access for call routing. These plans are in addition to the MX dial plan and can be utilized for large dial plan requirements. The external dial plan can be created in a simple text editor and is formatted in a specific manner that the MX can read.

Override CallerID Name from CAD variable

This feature allows outbound calls to force a Caller Name (Display header) set in the CAD variable FORCED_CALLER_NAME when routing outbound calls via an Auto Attendant.


Bug Fixes

There is a long list of bug fixes in this release. For more information, please contact your Zultys VAR.

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