What’s new in Zultys release 16

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September 26, 2019
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What’s new in Zultys release 16

New Features in Zultys MX Release 16

HIPAA Compliance

Zultys MX systems are now fully HIPAA compliant and can be used in organizations where HIPAA compliance is required.

Call Center - ICC Wallboard

The Integrated Contact Center (ICC) web based wallboard, initially introduced in Release 15.0.3, has been enhanced in Release 16 to allow statistics for multiple ICC Groups to be displayed on one web page. The wallboard now also supports more flexible layouts by utilizing a frame approach to adding groups of statistic windows

Web ZAC UC client

WebZAC is a web browser accessible implementation of ZAC built on WebRTC technologies and requires no installation. WebZAC is initially available in MX Release 16.0.2 as an 'Early Access' version supporting a subset of the functionality available in the Windows/MacOS versions of ZAC. The initial WebZAC release provides supports for softphone running within the web browser, screen sharing, instant messaging, presence, voicemail etc. Additional features will be progressively added.

Security Enhancements

The enhancements include enforcement of minimum password complexity rules, a global password expiry setting, data retention policy and a Security Audit Log.

SMS Integration

Added support for integration with SMS providers using the SMPP protocol. When the MX is connected to a compatible SMS provider, Zultys UC clients (ZAC/Mobile Communicator) may be used to send and receive SMS messages. This feature requires that the MX user's DID can be utilized for both voice calls and SMS messages


Voicemail Transcriptions

This feature allows voicemail messages that are left by callers to be transcribed and the transcription included in an e-mail notification along with the .wav file recording. The transcription text is included in the body of the e-mail and also displayed in ZAC 7 clients. Zultys transcription service is compatible with the following transcription service providers: Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, and Google Speech to Text

Web Chat for ACD/ICC groups

ZAC now supports the MX system Web Chat feature. Web Chat allows ACD/ICC Groups to be configured such that Agents in the group may engage in a real time chat with a website visitor. ZAC now provides an easy to use interface for Agents to communicate with customers via web chat.


External Party Chat

This feature allows a ZAC user to send a link to an external party and have them join a Chat session. The external link feature is available for both user and group chats.

ZAC Call Attached Data Support

The Call Attached Data (CAD) feature is based on a template structure which allows users to enter data regarding inbound/outbound calls. For an added level of flexibility Inbound and Outbound calls may trigger different Templates ensuring that the Call Attached Data presented to the Agent / User is tailored specifically for each call scenario.


Emergency Calls while using a Softphone

System administrators may enable the ability for devices running the Zultys Mobile Communicator application to place Emergency calls via the MX system when they are connected to the corporate Wi-Fi network. Softphone must be enabled in the application.

Screen Share feature

ZAC users may share their computer screen with other users or external parties (via the external link invite to chat function). This feature functions in full screen mode only.


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