Zultys Mobile Softphone Configuration and Troubleshooting

Zultys SIP communication ports configuration
March 27, 2019
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July 3, 2019

Zultys Mobile Softphone Configuration and Troubleshooting

Last Updated On March 28, 2019

While using Zultys Mobile application with softphone enabled you may experience following problems:
1. Unable to make or answer the call
2. Softphone is shown as “not connected”
3. No voice or one way voice.

Before following this guide, make sure Zultys phone system SIP communication ports are configured per this link


Login to Zultys Mobile application and go to Settings by touching three horizontal bars  – notice the red arrow on the picture below

Zultys Mobile
Zultys Mobile Interface

In Settings select Advanced

Zultys Mobile Settings
Zultys Mobile Settings

Under Advanced set:
1. Local SIP port: 5062
2. MX SIP port: 5061
3. Protocol: TLS

Zultys Mobile Advanced Settings
Zultys Mobile Advanced Settings


Softphone is not registering

You can also see this message: “Error while registering SIP. (408 Request Time Out )

Please make sure SIP TLS communication port is configured on the Zultys Phone system per this link. Also for systems behind a firewall  that port TCP 5061 is forwarded correctly.

No one can hear me when I use Zultys Mobile with softphone enabled

On IPhone please allow Zultys mobile access to a microphone 

Zultys Mobile Manual

Zultys Mobile for IPhone v8
Zultys Mobile for Andorid v7.3

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