Introducing WILDIX W-AIR DECT cordless phone system solutions.

From 1 to 1000 DECT phones , W-AIR can cover it all

W-AIR Multicell Solutions

Wildix offers two types of base stations for multicell installations: W-AIR Base and W-AIR Base Outdoor. Both base stations support PoE 802.3af.

W-AIR Multicell DECT system supports up to 250 W-AIR bases or W-AIR Outdoor bases + Repeaters.

You can expand the system at any moment and connect up to 1000 cordless VoIP handsets by adding more base stations and repeaters which expand the base station’s signal coverage.

To create a Wildix Small Business system it’s enough to install one Small Business Base Station to which you can connect up to 3 repeaters. Each system supports up to 8 cordless handsets.










W-AIR Base

  • Up to 1000 users per system
  • Up to 30 users registered to 1 base station
  • Up to 250 bases per system
  • Up to 8 concurrent calls per base
  • Up to 8 concurrent handovers per base
  • Up to 3 repeaters per base
  • Up to 5 concurrent calls per repeater
  • Up to 100 repeaters per system

* Outdoor W-AIR base is also available 





W-AIR Small business base

W-AIR Small Business Base supports PoE 802.3af thanks to PoE Splitter.

  • Up to 8 users per system
  • Up to 4 concurrent calls
  • Up to 3 repeaters per base
  • No multicell

Wildix W-AIR is a turnkey cordless DECT solution. Thanks to the auto-provisioning system, connection to the Wildix PBX is simple and immediate.

W-AIR 150, W-AIR 70 and W-AIR 100 are cordless VoIP phones fully integrated into the Wildix system and easy to install. The signal coverage is very extensive, thanks to the base-repeater system.

The system is developed on the CAT-iq protocol that allows both data and voice transfer on the radio channel and offers a number of advanced features, such as access to the shared phonebooks and presence status monitoring.